What’s in and What’s out in the Latest Ballet News

One of the latest ballet news today is the Royal Ballet School Annual Performance 2015. It is so easy to spot the dancers with excellent technical
Ballet News ability that allows them a freedom on stage. Their ballet shoes are silent. When dancers are uncertain or feeling nervous, chances are they will keep their pointe shoes a little harder to increase noise while they are dancing. Most male dancers don’t worry about their pointe shoes, but the best can be spotted with relative ease particularly when partnering.

The Royal Ballet School Annual Performance aims to showcase the breath and range of the students’ artistry and skill. In the present year, the program was contained and varied a new work for the students. The youngest children at the school have just the right balance of technique and artistry and they are a joy to watch. The children seemed thrilled and their delicate necklace and beaming smiles lift up the stage. In this school show, Chisato Katsura danced the rime of Gamzatti in La Bayadere with lots of freedom and it is no surprise that she graduates with a contract into the Royal Ballet Company.

Top Things to Consider before trying Ballet Pointe

According to some researches, ballet pointe is considered as a major goal in the dance life of a ballerina. Dancing on your toes or pointe requires great strength of the feet and the legs. Majority of ballet instructors have strict requirements for starting pointe work. Here, you will know and learn the top things to consider before trying ballet pointe. Check these out:

  • Age for Pointe- According to some experts, the proper age to begin pointe work is controversial. Most experts also believe that a professional ballet dancer can start dancing on pointe if he or she is at least nine or ten years of age. Some ballet instructors don’t attach a number at all , they simply rely on ability. But, because the growth of foot is about complete at eleven or twelve, many agree that pointe work could be introduces at this time. You need to bear in mind that never tries dancing on pointe shoes if your ballet teacher tells you to wait, as it is easy to become injured.
  • Years of Training for Pointe Work- It is a fact that you can’t start your ballet career in ballet shoes. If you really want to dance on pointe, you must have time to attain the alignment, strength and form that is needed to make a great and successful transition on your pointe work. You need to bear in mind that proper technique is highly needed to be able to properly and effectively rise on the toes without being injured.
  • Class Enrollment for Pointe- If you want to maintain excellent and proper flexibility and technique needed for pointe work, it is very important to spare time to practice at least three times a week. The pointe portion of the class should follow the regular ballet class.
  • Physical Readiness- All ballet dancers should be formally evaluated by their ballet instructor to determine if they are physically ready to meet the demands of pointe work. A ballet instructor should check for right body alignment and position. It is also the responsibility of a ballet instructor to check the mastery of basic ballet techniques, balance and strength and sufficient turnout.
  • Emotional Maturity- This is one of the important things that a ballet dancer should bear in mind. It is true that pointe work is hard work. Starting pointe classes will be more demanding on your body particularly your feet. It is very imperative that you are completely prepared to suffer from occasional blisters and sore feet. Pointe shoes demand a certain level of responsibility to maintain and it is very complicated. This is one of the top reasons why you should be aware and familiar about the right way to put pointe shoes on your feet and the proper way to tie them on your ankles. It is also highly recommended to take good care of your pointe shoes to keep them in excellent condition. You need to bear in mind that selecting to dance on pointe is an important decision that should be taken seriously.

In order for you to easily track your progress in dancing on pointe, you can take ballet pictures that will greatly help you in determining the points that needs to be improved and practices. The top things to consider in pointe work that is stated above will serve as your guide and key to become a successful and professional ballet dancer. Commitment, dedication, time and hard work are the best characteristics that you should posses to easily attain your dreamed goal in ballet dancing.